What Sets Kawari Apart

As the trusted supplier for hospital groups, mining houses, courier, retail and chain pharmacies, dispensing doctors, medical practice, nurses, as well as corporate wellness clinics, Kawari has earned a reputation for personalised service excellence and accurate timely supply.

Kawari has extensive experience in cold chain management and capacity for warehousing and national distribution, in accordance with SAHPRA’s Good Wholesale and Distribution Practice guidelines. Kawari Wholesaler and Distributor is therefore the partner of choice both for manufacturers of specialised and temperature – sensitive products and retailers of such products.


Our background in the careful handling and storage of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and consumables perfectly equips Kawari Wholesaler and Distributor to apply this same exceptional level of care in the supply, warehousing or distribution of a wide range of other products, from beauty and skincare products to medical consumables such as syringes and surgical gloves.

Both Kawari Wholesaler and Distributor facilities hold the applicable licenses issued by SAHPRA, Department of Health and South African Pharmacy Council.

Secure warehousing, inventory management, cold chain storage and management, batch tracking and expiry date management are essential to our core service offering, ensuring that the products we supply, store and distribute on behalf of our clients are maintained and delivered in optimal condition.

Information integrity, confidentiality and professional excellence are the cornerstones of Kawari Wholesalers’ business.


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